Sludge Slop India Inc provide the following services :

We, Sludge Slop India Inc. has a large number of Vendor Companies which are authorized by Central Pollution Control Board of India - State Pollution Control Board - Ministry Of Environment - Custom Departments - Port Authorities and necessary concerned departments to provide below services under Marine Pollution (MARPOL 73/78) - International Maritime Organization (IMO) Rules & Regulations to vessels calling at major and minor ports of India.

  • Sludge Oil Discharge / Oil Residues
  • Slop Discharge / De-Slopping
  • Bilge Water Discharge
  • Garbage Discharge
  • Removal of dry waste
  • Empty Oil Barrel
  • Tank Cleaning & Washing
  • Blast Tank Cleaning
  • Faulty Tank cleaning
  • Engine Room / Engine Room Tank Cleaning
  • Hatch & Deck Cleaning
  • Tank squeezing
  • Vessels, Separators, Sump & Bundle HP Washing
  • Lime Washing
  • Ship Repair
  • Chipping / Painting
  • Diesel & Gas Engine Installation and Repairs
  • Ship Generated Discharge

If your good vessel is calling any port in India, remamber Sludge Slop India Inc, we assure you our professional experts will take care of just everything. We welcome the opportunity to handle new and greater challanges in the environmental safety.