About Us

We, Sluge Slop India Inc take this opportunity in Introducing ourselves as one of the leading company which provides waste disposal services at all minor & major ports in India in the field of waste management services like sludge oil discharge, slop discharge, bilge water discharge, tank cleaning, engine room cleaning, tank squeezing, garbage disposal, hatch cleaning, ship generated waste scrap, wooden scrap cleaning/disposal under Marine Pollution (MARPOL 73/78) - International Maritime Organization (IMO) Rules & Regulations.

We have a largest numbers of registered vendors group which are authorized by Central Pollution Control Board - State Pollution Control Board - Ministry Of Environment - Custom Departments & License Holder of several port authorities and have a large numbers of well-trained/experienced work force (staff) those can render sludge oil, slop disposal, waste oil etc. operation as well as any kind of wastes removal/disposal successfully and give our customers fully satisfaction after each sludge oil, slop oil/wastes removal operation any kind of waste removal our vendor Issued/Provide a valid Marine Pollution (MARPOL) certificate.

Why Us?

We from our past experience have seen that companies which are registered with a particular port/ports do their monopoly I.E. if vessel owner - charterer if contacts with them in their requirement then these vendors generally charge high. They do not want to reduce their service charge. So in that case owner - charterer has no option and then they agree to pay high charge for sludge discharge any kind of waste discharge.

But when the vessel owner - charterer directly contacts us then we, Sludge Slop India Inc, at first find out the registered companies which can provide sludge/wastes discharge service and then we on behalf of owner - charterer negotiate for the sludge/wastes discharge service charge with them. And finally we bind them to charge us lowest on behalf of owner - charterer. Then we offer this agreed service charge (without increasing any amount) to this particular owner-charterer, so our service is cost effective. Not only cost effectiveness but Sludge Slop India Inc also do all necessary documentation take necessary permissions from several departments, All necessary logistical and technical arrangements required for smooth sludge, waste discharge operation. Here under our company a vessel owner - charterer gets every support without any extra cost round the clock 24x7.

Our Mission

We have dedicated ourselves to consistent Endeavour to serve the shipping industry and continually strive to provide better services to our clients who have bestowed their trust in us, with standing and strictly in accordance with the rules, regulations and practices of fair trade.

Our Vision

Our Never-Ending Vision – To Protect the Environment

By collecting-transporting – recycling - recovering of waste without any pollution of the environment and thus convert "Waste To Reusable Energy” and save the marine life & environment.